Calgary Aerial Services

We're happy to offer a wide range of aerial services in Calgary and the surrounding area. It adds a unique flare to an engagement or portrait session (contact us to discuss).

Nice lil' family/engagement shoot

a great story about finding love and second chances. :)

Miss Universe Canada 2013 - Riza Santos

An afternoon with the lovely and talented Riza Santos, Miss Universe Canada 2013

Tanner & Annette

Destination Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Hangin' out with THE Peter Diamandis

An evening with the incredible Peter Diamandis hosted by The Bon Mot Book Club/ Curious Minds Productions.

O Liv Photography

When photographers need a photographer....they call Bliss!

I <3 Oil - Cenovus Awareness Campaign

Cenovus ran a campaign internally to help bring awareness to it's employees and the public about the benefits of oil production and how it impacts our lives.

Pile Drivin'!

You wouldn't think it too big of a deal...but it is! Driving piles into the ground for structures to sit on is a really really big deal!

beautiful backyard wedding

this was one of my favs...a little back yard wedding with a fairytale mood

Sexy Calgary Wedding

bringing "sexy" to weddings!

Engagement Session

little e-sesh for a wedding coming up this summer...

Last Minute Family the photographer!

It was a last minute thought...a realization that everyone was in town at the same time for the first time in a long they gave me a call and as luck would have it, I was able to come out and create some beauty images for them!